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Our company

Abansa is a combination of experienced professionals in construction, industry and commerce for over 30 years.

The operational strategy of Abansa is based on business independent units, which depend on the complexity and magnitude of each project. The company constantly searches national and international partners depending of the demands of its client. Abansa is dedicated to offer specialized services in different areas, that is the reason for the creation of business divisions for different projects. 

Its principal policy is to achieve a Quality Management System (QMS) line up with:

  • ·         Work place safety and customer’s satisfaction
  • ·         Company’s direction will always be focused to achieve the best results of QMS, looking for continuous improvement.
  • ·         Prevent, control and minimize the environment impact and potential risks originated of the activities.
  • ·         Preserve the environment, safe work place and health of our team leads our actions.
  • ·         Partners of Abansa will also share our values and be equaled responsible to achieve the major quality, security and environment safety.

·         The QMS execution will accomplish the following principles, based on our mission, vision and values :

  • The company will establish a clear designation of functions for each work.
  • The workforce will follow a strict program of activities to accomplish the objectives established on the time agreed.
  • Continuous training is our priority to keep the best prepared person for each job.
  • Suppliers are also a key factor for the continuous improvement of our results.
  •   Chain value is analyzed with detail to assure the clients satisfaction on every stage.      
  •    Prevention and correction actions are part of the continuous improvement policy.